Originally born and raised in Tacoma Washington, Grant currently resides in Scottsdale Arizona where he set up shop in a new production studio. His artistic style and pencil drawing techniques encompass a unique aspect which allows him to depict powerful messages to urge people in finding meaning and purpose from within their own interpretation. His work is best known to bring insight which somehow balances out various subject matter from sensitive to critical issues we still face in our modern day world. His main focus is to get people thinking again in a society that’s ever so closed in, and continue sending strong messages to hopefully influence open-mindedness and help instigate deeper thought overall.


With an ongoing effort to tactfully intersect realistic graphite drawings with obvious realities of our current culture, Grant continues to pave his own path in the art scene with a new found respect and reason toward his black and white pencil drawings. For the first time ever, he is finally offering extremely limited edition fine art prints of his monochromatic pencil drawings collection here online to display as wall art or for archival collection pieces. As a testament to the value when you buy his art online, Grant has vowed that no reproductions of these realistic pencil drawing prints will ever be made again!